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mind golf bootcamp

Are you ready to improve your golf game? 

We are looking for founding members of our community that are open minded, dedicated to improving their game, and not scared to provide feedback. You will learn many ways to unlock your full potential on the course and gain a whole new level of confidence. 

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Our program launches in mid-May with a 4 week course designed to address common mindset issues we see with golfers. We will also dive deep into each individual's specific challenges. We ask that you play at least 2 rounds/practice sessions beforehand to get a baseline of how your game is this year. From there, we will have 3 group calls that will include breathwork, various relaxation/focus techniques and a MIND GOLF hypnosis journey. This will also be your chance to connect as a group and provide feedback and share experiences. 

You will also schedule a one on one call at a time that works for your schedule to have a 60 minute hypnosis session to address your biggest mental obstacles. As part of the founding community you will have a full year access to the MIND GOLF app and be instrumental in the user experience. Lastly, but important you will receive a 12 pack of Titleist ProV1 golf balls customized with a trigger word to keep you in the zone while playing. 

We are so excited to be a part of your journey to improve your golf game and keep your subconscious mind on course while playing!

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