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Who We Are:

Mind Golf is the brainchild of a team of experts in hypnosis, meditation, and sports psychology, who came together to create a powerful tool for golfers of all levels to improve their mental game. Our app uses proven tactics and is designed to be accessible and effective for all users, regardless of experience or skill level. 



Our mission is to help everyone achieve their full potential on the golf course, and in life. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Hypnosis?

  • Hypnosis is the process of helping an individual into a trance like state and then suggesting how he or she can make positive changes at the subconscious level.

Will I know what is happening?

  • Yes, hypnotized individuals are aware of everything that is going around them. Their bodies are heavy and relaxed and their minds are super alert, willing to be open to positive suggestions.

What is the subconscious mind?

  • Your subconscious mind runs about 95% of the brain. This includes your thoughts and behaviors. It is very powerful and a lot of times we may not even be aware of our belief systems, especially around golf. We turn your inner critic into your inner cheerleader!

How does Hypnosis help?

  • We are able to rewire your thought patterns and beliefs about your golf game by speaking to the subconscious mind and re-enforcing positive thoughts and belief systems. Creating a calm, confident and committed golfer!

Why does your system mention breathwork and meditation?

  • They all enhance the benefits of each other. By incorporating breathwork you can go into a deeper state of relaxation before your hypnosis session and it is a great reset tool on the course if you get frustrated. Meditation allows for you to build your mind so you are less likely to get frustrated and creates more space to enter the zone while golfing and in life. 

How long does it take to work?

  • Every individual is different based on their own belief systems about their golf game. Typically you will start seeing positive results after 3 weeks of use. Like anything else in life the longer you use it and the more consistent you are the better the results become. 

What are next steps?

  • Find us in the App Store or Google Play.  *COMING SPRING 2023*

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